Image format support

Scroll Frames supports browser supported images formats including modern ones like WebP

Scroll Frames is based on CSS and Javascript, thus, it supports any image format the browser supports. Even if Scroll Frames is able to have multiple instance on a single page, user must be aware of the following notes:

  • Vector images frames are supported
  • For raster image format, it is highly recommended to use WebP image format
  • Page performances depend on frames sizes and compression.
  • Higher amounts of frames - over 200 - decreases performance, the more on low-end devices
  • Consider not exceeding an image sequence over 2MB for a single animation
Raster file  Size Support (% of users)1
PNG (Source image w/ lossless compression) 1 331 kB 99.99%
JPEG (approx. w/ quality set to 30) 29.6 kB 99.99%
WebP (approx. w/ quality set to 30) 21.6 kB 95%
AVIF (approx. w/ quality set to 30) 14.6 kB 69%

(1) Source march 2022

Illustrations below shows renders in different image formats from

JPEG | Widely supported JPEG

WebP | Recommened format, good support learn more WebP

AVIF | The most powerful image compression but low brower support learn more AVIF