Things to be aware of using Scroll Frames

Scroll Frames applies still images on DOM elements, so bandwidth and performances are affected in relation with:

  • Image resolution: Higher still frames resolutions (higher width and higher height) uses more bandwidth and device resources. Consider resizing properly your images sequences to your needs.
  • Image compression: Low/lossless compression of still frames uses more bandwidth. Consider compressing properly your images sequences in modern format like WebP to save bandwidth.
  • Image format: PNG, low compression JPEG files allow get high quality rendering but use a large amount of bandwidth, it is strongly recommended to use WebP format or highly compressed JPEG.
  • Amount of images: The more Scroll Frames instances have still frames, the more bandwidth and device resources are required.
  • Amount of instances: The more you set Scroll Frames instances on a page, the more bandwidth and device resources are required.