Embed maps easily with a single HTML file

A single HTML map file bundled with customizable popular Leaflet plugins, map providers and its own API. SEEMAP for Standalone EmbEddable Map is a single HTML file bundled of useful and popular Leaflet/OpenStreetMap resources in a easy way to embed.

Download link to the latest version of SEEMAP Download
Uncompressed page size 1.6Mb
Compressed page size (through HTTP2 or ZIP) 190Kb
 Typical embed size through an iframe (with tiles) 500Kb 
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  • One single HTML file
    Ready to embed via iframe tag or directly through the browser, every feature is included.
  • Customizable
    Set your own default settings.
  • API through URL GET parameters
    Override your default parameters through URL GET parameters.
  • View
    Set a default view and override the map geographical center through API
  • Markers
    Add as much markers with latitude and longitude through URL GET parameters.
  • Marker clusters
    When markers density is to high, provides beautiful animated marker clustering.
  • Gesture handling
    Brings the basic functionality of Google Maps Gesture Handling into Leaflet. Prevents users from getting trapped on the map when scrolling a long page.
  • Routing Machine
    Easy way to get distance and itinerary between multiple markers.
  • Autocomplete
    OpenStreetMap search engine available into a simple autocompletion list.
  • Permalink
    Permalink control button allows visitors to always get the direct link to the current view, useful to share the map view Learn more
  • Reset view
    Reset view control button allows visitors to go back to the very first view of their current session, or to the SEEMAP’s default settings Learn more

Use cases

As a web developer/designer/redactor, you have multiple project onto which quickly embed map without reinstall and configure Leaflet and common plugins each time.

As a web developer/designer/redactor, you have one or multiple coordinates to quickly place on an embedded map.

The following code is the featured example:

<!-- Include SEEMAP as an iframe tag -->
<iframe src="../../seemap.html"></iframe>
<!-- DEMO ONLY -->
    iframe {
        position: fixed;
        top: 0;
        left: 0;
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
        border: none;