Front matter

Optional LibDoc specific parameters available for each page.

LibDoc comes with the following optional parameters that can be set into the front matter of each page.


order - integer - Sidebar items are ordered by this value. Sets the rank of the page link into the sidebar, higher values give lower rank for the page link. Additional links are treated like any other page order.

order: 100


category - string - Enter any name. Adds a separator above the item link with the name of the category if the previous item has not the same category.

category: Features


separator - boolean - Adds only a separator above the item link if set to true. Has no effect if not specified.

separator: true


unlisted - boolean - If true, removes page link from the sidebar and search results. Example

unlisted: true

Iframe mode

iframe_mode - boolean - If true, makes the target page load into an iframe, this allows to keep the sidebar visible. Example with a YouTube link and example with a playground

iframe_mode: true

Assets settings

Available only for pages using libdoc/assets layout.

These front matter settings override the assets configuration.

assets. Type Description
path_from_root string The path from which files are available do download. / is the root
extensions_enabled Array Array of file extensions to display

Example of custom assets layout configuration on a page: view example

layout: libdoc/assets
# Example of LibDoc secific optional settings
    path_from_root: /assets/libdoc
    extensions_enabled: # File extension to display
        - jpg
        - gif
        - webp
        - png